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Maximize your marketing budget with video.

Broad Reach knows how to reach your audience by telling your story effectively and efficiently.  Let your marketing dollars go farther and be more engaging than static communications, by reaching beyond the norm.





"Charlie is the consummate professional. Every shot you need he takes and then some. We call him the human tripod for a reason. He is my role model for shooting. His work on our Hearts For Honduras video provided the highest quality cinematography in a very rudimentary setting. I hire Charlie to make sure I get every angle covered in any condition."

Michael Ivan Schwartz
Loud Communications, LLC


"Mary and I would again like to thank you for your generous and dedicated support and hard work .... Your commitment to the quality and integrity of our piece equaled our own and resulted in a production exceeding even our highest expectations. I hope that this will serve as the foundation of a growing relationship for the future."

Ray Daub
It Figures Studio

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Broad Reach Communications
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