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Innovative concepts from a creative approach.

Broad Reach is more than a camera man... Charles Bailey brings over 30+ years of industry knowledge so you get an experienced director, a talented professional and a passionate partner with every project.   When you need that one in a million shot, Broad Reach is the only choice for high value, high quality customer experience!





"Charlie Bailey is the number one go-to guy when I am putting together a video crew. He is second to none .... He always gets the shot and catches it with a creative angle most other guys wouldn't think of. I love editing Charlie’s tape because I know he is going to give me the required shot plus a couple of other options, angles, and safety shots. ...Charlie can sense the potential of the finished edit while he is shooting and gives me lots of options. Charlie is dependable, punctual, always has a positive attitude, and knows the video business from every angle."

Bill Sammons
Watermark Productions

Charles Bailey is the guiding force within Broad Reach Communications. With nearly 30 years' experience as a camera operator, director of photography, director and producer, Charles created and molded Broad Reach Communications into a highly respected firm that assists companies, organizations, and individuals to better communicate their ideas and vision.

As an award-winning professional, Charles has earned bragging rights as an Emmy-winning cameraman and Emmy-nominated director, among many other industry acknowledgment's.  Along with his hands-on experience, he has developed a network of talented individuals dedicated to achieving excellence in the production of visual communications under the banner of Broad Reach Communications.

Even though his resume changes weekly, click here to view a listing of Charles' past work experiences.

Charles Bailey wears many hats: camera operator; director of photography; director; and producer. He has been working in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area since 1980. Noted for his skills, Charles most recently won 2nd place at the 2009 Newark Delaware Film Festival’s “Short, Short Film Contest" and received a Gold AVA Award* for the same project.  In 2002 Charles was nominated and received Emmy honors for his camera work.  He was also nominated for a local Emmy for directing in 1990 and received a national Emmy nomination for cinematography in 1996. Other honors received include the ATC Cable Companies Excellence in programming award.

Charles is comfortable in many different situations. His work places him on set or location for commercials, programs, sporting events, and corporate productions. Whether working with talent, designing a lighting plot, or operating a camera, Charles strives to deliver the best possible performance, evoke the proper mood, or capture the visual excitement of a live event as it unfolds.


*AVA Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the evolution and convergence of digital arts such as text, graphics, animation, audio, video and the web.  Ava Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).